Dollywood To Reveal Ned Oakley’s Findings About “Big Bear” Spotted Near Park Via Livestream Tomorrow

We are about to learn how big this bear that has been spotted near Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove really is, as the park gets ready to livestream Ned Oakley’s findings tomorrow morning!

What’s Happening:

  • Dollywood has been teasing something…BIG… for the last week or so, and now, with all the evidence from Ned Oakley’s excursions into the wilderness, the park is ready to reveal what they’ve found via livestream tomorrow, August 5th, at 11:00 AM ET.
  • The stream is set to take place on the official Dollywood Facebook page, and according to the caption on the announcement, we will learn just how big this bear really is.
  • To recap, recently Dollywood has launched into a viral marketing campaign, telling the story of Ned Oakley and his investigation into the sightings of a bear that is “twice, no five times as big” as other bears in the forests surrounding Wildwood Grove. Through the Social Media posts, we’ve seen numerous sightings of the bear, and historical articles from newspapers and flyers with information about this very large bear. You can take a look at all the clues and the campaign in our post about it here. 

  • Of course, fans of the park have been speculating rampantly, and all agree that this attraction will be a coaster of some sort, whether it be a storytelling attraction (think Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Expedition: EVEREST) or maybe even some kind of record breaking hyper or gigacoaster.
  • Either way, it will be a great addition to the lineup of coasters and attractions already at the park, including multi-launch family coaster Firechaser Express, the thrillingly innovative RMC creation Lightning Rod, wooden favorite Thunderhead, G-Force pushing Tennessee Tornado, and the incredible flight aboard Wild Eagle.
  • We’ll be watching this closely, as we too want to see how big this bear really is so stay tuned to!