Knott’s Berry Farm Reveals More Details on MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress

Last week, Knott’s Berry Farm announced a complete overhaul to the Fiesta Village section of the park, including a reimagining of the classic Montezooma’s Revenge coaster. Today, for National Roller Coaster Day, Knott’s revealed some more details on the updated classic.

What’s Happening:

  • Opening in 1978, Montezooma's Revenge was the first flywheel-launched roller coaster in the world and the oldest shuttle loop roller coaster still in its original location. Montezooma's Revenge has launched millions of guests through Fiesta Village into a gravity-defying single loop track and back again.
  • For 2023, Montezooma's Revenge is being reimagined and rethemed with exciting new thrills added to this coaster classic. New updates allow guests to be completely surprised by the direction the train will take them at the start of each ride. The randomized launch sequence will make it impossible for anyone to know their destiny until it is too late to escape the clutches of Montezooma.

  • To reach the station and try to escape with Montezuma's gold, guests will find their way through the fortress protecting the treasure but must beware of the countless boobytraps within. The grounds leading to the temple will resemble a macabre history exhibit as treasure hunters' remains from throughout the ages line the walls. Now that the traps leading to the gold have been cleared, only those brave enough can make it through the final challenge and find themselves at the home of the hidden Aztec treasure in MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress.


  • Brand-new coaster trains will be installed for the updated attraction, with a fantastic Aztec styled front car.
  • The new trains seem to include over the shoulder restraints, or comfort collars, instead of the original lap bars.
  • You can see more of the new train in the video below:

  • MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress will open in 2023 at Knott’s Berry Farm.