“Big City Greens” Gets Ready to Leave Big City In New Episodes Starting Next Saturday

It looks like the Greens are leaving Big City (for a while at least) with a new trailer announcing the return of the hit Disney Channel series on Saturday, September 24th.

What’s Happening:

  • When we last left Cricket Green and his Dad, his dad accidentally destroyed a jar full of dirt. Why was it so important though? It was his reminder of the country from which they came. At the end of the episode, the pair had taken a road trip out of the city and back to the country, heading into Smalton, in a very suspicious homage to the opening credits of the series but backwards.

  • Earlier in the same episode, a brief moment of exposition reveals that between the farmer’s market and the Gloria + Green Cafe, the Green family is doing okay financially. That’s why when Bill and Cricket are in the country and find their old home up for sale, they have an incredible idea…
  • Since then, it's been a few quiet weeks until today when the trailer for the return of the show has arrived, teasing us with “The Move.”
  • The trailer reveals that the series is headed back to the country – even though the series hasn’t taken us there before outside of flashbacks since the main premise is a country family stuck in the big city in a fish out of water story. So how do you flip that on its head? Well, based on the trailer and key art for the series now, it looks like Remy is coming too. Plus, Cricket and the rest of his family have adapted to the city, so will the country now be out of their comfort zone??

  • We’ll find out on September 24th when Big City Greens returns to Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app.
  • You can catch up with all the antics and mayhem of Big City Greens up to this point in the series with episodes now available on Disney+ and the DisneyNOW App.

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