New Collectible Trading Cards to Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Space 220

It’s hard to believe that it's been almost a year since Space 220 opened. It is a literal, out of this world experience and a must-do if you haven't already. Not only is there delicious food and drink with an incredible atmosphere, but trading cards are a big part of the experience, and Disney Park shared on Instagram a way they are celebrating the anniversary.

What’s Happening:

  • Space 220 Restaurant is celebrating its one-year anniversary at EPCOT.
  • They have a fun new way to celebrate and they shared it on their Instagram page.
  • The Instagram post read: We have some out-of-this-world news! Space 220 is debuting three new collectible trading cards, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, starting Sept. 20 in honor of the restaurant’s 1-year anniversary at EPCOT.


  • It's important for astronauts to stay healthy in space. Today, the menu on the International Space Station features more than 100 items, including chicken, fruit and brownies. With more menu items being added all the time, future astronauts may have a galaxy of choices.
  • Saturn Series


  • Astronauts eat three meals a day on the International Space Station. But dining in space isn't as easy as it is on Earth. They have to be very careful when bringing food to their mouths so it doesn't accidentally float away.
  • Mars Series


  • Jupiter is a gas giant that lacks a rocky surface like we have on Earth. But you couldn't fly through Jupiter like you could a cloud, as a spacecraft would not be able to withstand its powerful storms and ammonia-laden atmosphere.
  • Jupiter Series

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