Space 220 - Project Tracker (Walt Disney World)

Opening: TBA

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to live in outer space? While this new new Space-themed restaurant won’t serve as simulation, you’ll still discover an immersive experience that’s well, out-of-this-world! As part of an expansion of the Mission: SPACE pavilion, Space 220 will serve up plenty of galactic goodies in this futuristic eatery.

Space 220 will give  guests a celestial panorama of a space station with daytime and nighttime views of Earth from “220 miles” up. The interior of the building will feature giant windows projecting galaxy views such as stars, planets, and spaceships, and guests will board a special elevator for a journey to a space station that is home to this incredible dining experience.

Space 220 will be operated by the Patina Group and is one of many projects that have been announced for Epcot. 

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