DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Coming to EPCOT Later This Year

In a post on the Disney Parks Blog, Kartika Rodriguez, the Vice President of EPCOT shared her story of leading the Magic of Possibilities. In the piece, she notes that Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is still coming to the park, later this year.

What’s Happening:

  • Rodriguez announced that Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is coming to EPCOT later this year.
  • This experience will be the perfect way for the young and young-at-heart to play their way around the World Showcase.
  • Announced to be coming to EPCOT prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, not much has been said about the experience since.
  • DuckTales World Showcase Adventure invites guests to join Scrooge McDuck, Donald, nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, Launchpad and Webby in search of priceless treasure. Using the Play Disney Parks mobile app, guests take a trip around World Showcase discovering exotic destinations, exciting mysteries, and maybe even a few thieves, villains and supernatural guardians of ancient artifacts.
  • No additional information on the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure has been released at this time.
  • DuckTales World Showcase Adventure will serve as the replacement to Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, which closed on February 16th, 2020.
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