“Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace” Comic Book Announced in Celebration of “Return of the Jedi” 40th Anniversary

In May of 1983, countless Star Wars fans lined up at movie theaters for the first screenings of Return of the Jedi, which concluded the Original Trilogy in style. And now, nearly 40 years later, Lucasfilm is planning to celebrate Return of the Jedi with new content inspired by the film.

One of the first examples of this will be the Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace one-shot comic book from Marvel Comics due out in February. This will be the debut of a series of comics that will focus on characters and locations from Return of the Jedi throughout the year.

What’s happening:

  • With the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi coming next year, Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm Publishing have announced a series of one-shot comic books celebrating the events, locations, and characters of the beloved 1983 film, starting with Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace #1.
  • Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace will be written by Marc Guggenheim (Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca) and illustrated by Alessandro Miracolo (Star Wars: Obi-Wan), with the main cover by Ryan Brown (see image below). Two of the issue’s variant covers are pictured above, one featuring Boba Fett by Alex Maleev and the other featuring Jabba’s dais by Lee Garbett.
  • The official synopsis for Jabba’s Palace from Marvel Comics reads as follows: “WHO IS PLOTTING TO OVERTHROW JABBA THE HUTT? Jabba’s palace is one of many places to find the vilest of scum and villainy relaxing, wet their whistles and indulge their vices…who would ever want that to end? Well, SOMEONE has Jabba in their sights!”

What they’re saying:

  • StarWars.com: “StarWars.com is excited to announce the first in a series of Marvel comic book one-shots that celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi next year, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Jabba’s Palace #1, with a reveal of the cover art by Ryan Brown below!”