Ch’od Revealed as Build-A-Figure For 2023 Marvel Legends X-Men Wave

What’s that? Ch’od from the Starjammers is joining Hasbro Marvel Legends in 2023?! You better believe it! Ch’od stars as the Build-A-Figure in a new wave of characters inspired by X-Men stories.

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What’s Happening:

  • At long last (okay it was a month ago) Hasbro has revealed that their latest Build-A-Figure collectible in the Marvel Legends life of action figures will be the massive, extra green, amphibious creature, Ch’od!

  • Fans of Marvel Comics and the X-Men will want to ready their display shelves for a series of new figures inspired by the classic heroes, villains and anti-heroes of the mutant variety.
  • As with every Build-A-Figure series, a group of individual characters will be released, each coming with a body part to assemble Ch’od!
  • Hasbro teased the Build-A-Figure wave in December during their last live stream of the year, but Ch’od’s identity was kept a secret. Fans did however get a first look at the assortment that includes:
    • Kid Omega
    • Fang
    • Chamber
    • Monet St. Croix
    • Corsair
    • Emma Frost
    • Cyclops

  • While guests will still have to wait awhile to bring the awesome collectibles home, Hasbro did reveal that the Ch’od Build-A-Figure wave will go on sale January 10th at 1pm ET at Hasbro Pulse and mass retailers like our friends at Entertainment Earth.
  • The Marvel Legends figures sell for $24.99 each and guests can also purchase an entire case of figures for $199.99. They are expected to ship in June 2023.
  • Links to the individual figures can be found below.

About Ch’od:

  • While he’s part of this X-Men series of figures, Ch’od himself is not a mutant but rather a Saurid from the planet Timor. He’s an amphibious reptile and founding member of the Starjammers.
  • When a mad ruler tries to steal the power of a special crystal, the Starjammers team up with the X-Men to save the Shi'ar.
  • Ch’od made is first Marvel Comic’s appearance in X-Men Vol. 1 #104 which was released on January 18, 1977.

X-Men Marvel Legends Ch-od Build-A-Figure Wave

With the loss of Jean Grey still weighing on the team, Cyclops must rally the X-Men to face unprecedented new threats from beyond.

X-Men Marvel Legends Astonishing X-Men Cyclops 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Includes swappable hands
  • Ages 4 and up

The former Hellfire Club White Queen must grapple with her teammates’ misgivings about her joining the X-Men, as well as her own.

X-Men Marvel Legends Astonishing Emma Frost 6-Inch Figure – $24.99

  • Includes swappable hands
  • Build-a-figure arm of Ch'od
  • Ages 4 and up

Wolverine takes advantage of his likeness to Imperial Guard Fang and impersonates him to infiltrate the Shi'ar!

X-Men Marvel Legends Fang 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Comes with 3 accessories
  • Ch'od’s Lupine pet Cr’reee
  • Build-A-Figure head to create Ch'od
  • Ages 4 and up

Monet St. Croix studies to become the next generation of X-Men at the Massachusetts Academy while unraveling her mysterious connection to some of the team’s greatest enemies.

X-Men Marvel Legends Generation X Monet St. Croix 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Comes with 2 accessories
  • Build-A-Figure leg of Ch'od
  • Ages 4 and up

Cyclops' world is forever changed when Starjammer Captain and cavalier space pirate Corsair reveals he’s Christopher Summers, Scott’s long-lost father.

X-Men Marvel Legends Starjammer Corsair 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Includes 4 accessories
  • Ch'od Build-A-Figure arm part
  • Ages 4 and up

Mega-level telepath Quentin Quire, inspired by the attempt on Professor Xavier’s life, joins the mutant nation Krakoa’s new secret defense team, X-Force, as Kid Omega!

X-Men Marvel Legends X-Force Kid Omega 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Comes with 3 accessories
  • Blaster
  • Build-A-Figure Ch'od torso
  • Ages 4 and up

At the Massachusetts Academy and as a member of Generation X, Chamber learns to manage his biokinetic flame which covers his chest and face.

X-Men Marvel Legends Generation X Chamber 6-Inch Action Figure – $24.99

  • Comes with 2 accessories
  • Build-A-Figure arm of Ch'od
  • Ages 4 and up

Build a figure with the X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figure Wave 1 Case! Each Marvel Legends X-Men figure includes at least one Build-A-Figure piece so you can make Ch'od! Collect all the figures to assemble an exciting figure! Add to your mutant mob with this amazing collection of 6-inch scale plastic action figures from Hasbro.

X-Men Marvel Legends 6-inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case of 8 – $199.99

  • Case includes 8 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):
  • 2x Cyclops
  • 1x Fang
  • 1x Monet St. Croix
  • 1x Starjammer Corsair
  • 1x Kid Omega
  • 1x Chamber

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