20th Digital Studio and Hulu’s Horror Comedy “Appendage” to Make World Premiere at SXSW

20th Digital Studio and Hulu Originals are gearing up for the SXSW World Premiere of Appendage, a horror comedy starring Hadley Robinson and featuring Kausar Mohammed and Emily Hampshire.

  • Shot in North Carolina and New York, the film, directed and written by Anna Zlokovic, will debut exclusively at the South by Southwest Film and TV Festival in March.
  • It will also be available to stream on Hulu later this year.
  • Hannah (Robinson), a young fashion designer, seems fine on the surface, but secretly struggles with debilitating self-doubt. Soon these buried feelings begin to make Hannah physically sick and sprout into a ferocious growth on her body: The Appendage. As Hannah’s health declines, The Appendage begins to fuel her anxieties – her perceived lack of talent at work, her deteriorating relationships with her boyfriend and best friend, and her parents’ lack of love and understanding. At her breaking point, Hannah makes a shocking discovery—there are others out there like her.
  • Appendage was developed by 20th Digital Studio with David Worthen Brooks, Arbi Pedrossian, and Jenna Cavelle serving as executive producers.
  • Also serving as producers are Hadley Robinson, Anna Zlokovic and Alex Familian.
  • Production services were carried out by the film’s producer Katrina Kudlick through her production company, Fever Dream Studios. Emma Buerklin serves as co-producer.
  • Zlokovic previously created the short horror film of the same name, which premiered on Hulu in 2021 as part of the second season of 20th Digital’s Bite Size Halloween.
  • Appendage will be part of 20th Digital’s existing slate of horror features for Hulu, including Grimcutty, Matriarch, and the upcoming Clock.