“Secret Invasion” Star Ben Mendelsohn Discusses the New Marvel Series Coming to Disney+

We’re just a little over a month away from Marvel’s Secret Invasion making its debut on Disney+ and one of the stars of the series had some things to share about the new series. In a recent interview with USA Today, Ben Mendelsohn talked a bit about some of the characters in the series and his experience shooting for it.

  • Mendelsohn plays Talos, the familiar Skrull whom we first met in Captain Marvel and has since made an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home.
  • First off, Mendelsohn promises that the series will deliver on its title:
    • “You can't have a secret invasion without an invasion, right? What's the point? What are you going to call it, ‘Secret Attempted Invasion’? ‘Secret Nearly Got There Invasion’? Something has definitely gotten in.”
  • While the scope of the series is certainly going to be much smaller than its comic book counterpart, it’s good to hear that the series will see the Skrulls become a formidable threat to Earth.
  • Mendelsohn also explained his character’s motives and where they are after Captain Marvel promised the Skrulls a new home way back in the ‘90s:
    • “Talos is very committed to trying to make stuff work. Things have been a little difficult. There's no doubt that Talos wants Fury to step up.”
  • We also learned from USA Today that Olivia Colman’s character, who we previously knew to be an MI6 agent, will be named Sonya Falsworth.
  • Another new character introduced for the series will be the Skrull antagonist known as Gravik, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir.
  • Mendelsohn mentioned a moment between his character and Gravik in which the latter multiplies himself in a “cool and dangerous manner” but “then he gets to deal with Talos. And Talos ain't having any of that.”
  • One of the biggest additions to the cast was Emilia Clarke, who we know will portray G'iah, the daughter of Talos.
  • Mendelsohn praised Clarke for her work on the series, simply saying "Emilia is awesome in this.”
  • The series will of course see Talos working with his longtime friend Nick Fury. Although, things are getting a bit tense between the two characters as Mendelsohn explains:
    • “The relationship between Talos and Fury is sort of tighter than it's ever been, and really not good. I don't know if (Talos) is like Abbott to his Costello (but) it’s something that the audience will enjoy without losing how bad the situation gets.”
  • Mendelsohn also praised Samuel L. Jackson, who of course reprises his role as Fury:
    • “He’s the most significant blockbuster actor in the history of the human race. He is a very cool and fun guy. He doesn't B.S. around, he’s not mean to people and he's a joy.”

More on Secret Invasion:

  • In Marvel Comics, “Secret Invasion” is a story in which Earth has been infiltrated by the shape-shifting race of aliens known as the Skrulls. Earth’s mightiest heroes have to assemble to take out this new threat, but they don’t know who they can trust as any one of them can be a Skrull.
  • It does, however, seem as though this new series will head in a more contained and intimate direction, with none of the actual Avengers having a role to play.
  • Want an idea of what could be in store in this new series? Mack has a list of five Marvel characters who could be a Skrull.
  • Vanity Fair released some new images and some very interesting new details on the upcoming series today.
  • Marvel’s Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ on June 21st.
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