For the first time taking the stage we had Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, and Gwendoline Christie, who talked about how this was out of control and Hardwick had to remind her she is on Game of Thrones.



During the Q&A, one of the questions was how they reacted when being cast for Star Wars and a spoiler snuck out that the base is named after the original last name of Luke from the first drafts: “Starkiller Base.” After a few more questions, Hardwick just nonchalantly says, “I’d like to suspend questions and bring out Carrie Fisher!” to which the audience went crazy!


Fisher talked briefly on how the 3 of them are the “Legacy” people and how great it was to be all back together just this time she said it was “like a flashback… an acid flashback” and it was like before just “we looked more melted this time, but in a good way like the force melted.” Of course, as Fisher paused after taking about the “Legacy People,” Hardwick brought out Luke himself — Mark Hamill!


Hamill talked about how he has been a fan of films and his first convention was in 1972 and re-enforced how without the fans they are nothing and how it’s an out of body experience with fans telling him life changing stories based around him being Luke.

But no Star Wars panel would be complete with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) making a surprise appearance. Ford talked about how the original Star Wars was the start of his real career and how he is very grateful for it all.


The three “Legacy Players” took a few minutes to toss about old lines, talking about how they felt they have grown up, and making jokes about where they thought their characters ended up before starting Episode VII — including some Luke/Leia jokes.

Just as Hardwick is starting to wrap up the panel, he asks Abrams, “What else do you have in store?” He talks about how the music is one of the stars of the film and asks, “Who wants to go see a live Star Wars concert?” Then he puts all responsibility on Chris Hardwick!


We then all headed out the side door, leaving Hall H empty for the Kevin Smith panel after, we were given lanyards as our passes to the concert.




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