With lanyards in hand, all 6,500 of us walked out to the peninsula (where many had spent the night) to a large stage set up for the San Diego Symphony to do Star Wars Concert for the Fans.


As we arrived at the location, we exchanged the bottom of our lanyard for our very own lightsaber, with the color being of your own choosing.


Before the concert, Abrams and Kennedy came out and thanked all the fans and once again introduced the cast.



Then with the direction to raise our lightsabers high in the air, the concert started with the beautiful San Diego Symphony bringing to life the music of John Williams with the stunning visuals from the first two trilogies being shown on the screens.



Of course, no Star Wars Concert would be complete without a grand finale that had to include the main title being played as a fireworks spectacular is launched from the bay.



To say this was one of the most amazing times of my life would be an understatement. Now to just wait for December 18th!

I would also like to thank these great people who I didn’t know before I got in line but thanks to Twitter not only did I have a great seat for the panel, I made some great friends!



May the Force Be With You!




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