As you may be aware, John Stamos is one of us: he is a Disney super fan. And as Disney fans, we should always support other Disney fans. With that being said, did you know three upcoming Disney-connected ways that you can support John Stamos? Check it out:

#1: Mickey 90th Spectacular — November 4th on ABC

What could be a greater treat to a Disney fan than paying tribute to the mouse that started it all on national television? John Stamos is taking part in the ABC special taking place just ahead of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. For more on what to expect from this spectacular, you can also check out Jeremiah’s sneak peek.

#2: You — November 4th on Lifetime

You may not be aware that John Stamos recurs on Lifetime’s original series You. And you may also not be aware that Disney owns half of Lifetime. As a result, you can make November 4th a Stamos night as he appears in the episode “Candace” as Dr. Nick — the therapist of one of the lead characters.

#3: Epcot’s Candlelight Processional — December 1st-2nd at Epcot

As Disney fans, we know the tradition and legacy of the Candlelight Processional. While you may not know which narrator you want to see this year, might we recommend uber Disney fan John Stamos? He was just announced to be filling one of the vacant spots on this year’s line up. Of course, you if you are unable to visit during Stamos’s run, there is always the other famous Disney fan: Neil Patrick Harris



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