The Four Most Overrated Foods at Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Are you a real Disney fan? Do you know when to visit to avoid the crowds? Do you know what hotel offers the best value? And, most importantly, do you know the not-to-be missed foods while you’re there? I like to think I’m a real Disney fan. And yet, there are some foods that most fans rave about that don’t connect with me. 

To be clear, I’m not trying to tell you to avoid these foods. In fact, if you’re a Disney have, you must try them. That’s exactly what I did … and now I avoid them.

Tonga Toast

  • Found at: Polynesian Resort, Walt Disney World

Picture it, Lake Buena Vista, 1999 (give or take) … after years of hearing about breakfast at the Kona Cafe, it was time to try the world famous Tonga Toast: Banana-stuffed French Toast rolled in Cinnamon Sugar and served with a Strawberry Compote. Sounds really good and the taste wasn’t bad, but it’s very sweet and heavy. Imagine eating a brick – a tasty, sugary brick, but a brick nonetheless – and then heading off to spend a day in the parks. It’s a tough way to start the day. And overall a disappointment after years of build up.

Mint Julep

  • Found at: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

This is a real mint julep…

Bourbon, sugar, water and, of course, mint. This is a Disneyland mint julep…

Based on who you ask, its main ingredient is either Scope or cough medicine. It’s not a non-alcoholic version of the classic Southern drink, it’s an interesting concoction that borrows the name. It’s a weird drink. It’s also so popular, it has its own location in New Orleans Square, the Mint Julep Bar. I used to love them. I’m not sure why.

Mickey Pretzel

  • Found at: Everywhere!

It’s shape is cute and it’s covered in giant flecks of salt. Sounds so good. But it’s actually kind of dry and no matter how hungry I am, it’s tough to eat it all. It just kind of goes on and on. So get some mustard, get some cheese and enjoy the novelty. Then move on to something better. But if you do get one, don’t forget to eat the mouth first. You don’t want Mickey to scream when you eat his ears.

Dole Whip

  • Found at: Adventureland in Disneyland, Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, Africa in Animal Kingdom, Polynesian Resort and a few other places

Is there any single food more beloved by Disney fans than the Dole Whip. Lines for it stretch from the Tiki Room to the Jungle Cruise exit. You can buy clothing for it. We even did an article on the best Dole Whip products on Etsy. And yet … and yet … is it really that special? Am I just missing something? Or is Dole Whip really the single most overrated food in all of Disney? I think so.

So there you have it – my Disney food heresies. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article represent those of the author and may not represent the opinions of the rest of They happen to love Dole Whip!