Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker may be the upcoming project that received the most buzz coming out of this past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago, but there are numerous examples of Star Wars media that fly a little bit under the radar as well, like the already-cult-favorite new Disney XD animated series Star Wars Resistance.

On Monday afternoon, the voice cast and creative team behind Star Wars Resistance took the Galaxy Stage at Star Wars Celebration to review their experiences making the first season of the popular show and give fans in attendance a tantalizing glimpse at the upcoming season two.

Star Wars Resistance cast members Christopher Sean (Kazuto Xiono), Suzie McGrath (Tam Ryvora), Scott Lawrence (Jarek Yeager), Myrna Velasco (Torra Doza), Donald Faison (Hype Fazon), and Bobby Moynihan (Orka) were present to reflect on their involvement with the series and examine the arcs and traits of their various characters.

Showrunner Justin Ridge, executive producer Athena Portillo, and head writer Brandon Auman also commented on the development of the show’s tone and execution: “Star Wars Resistance was an idea that [creator] Dave Filoni had a while back about what happened before the events of The Force Awakens.” The team also confirmed the influence of Japanese anime like the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Robotech.

As for the highly anticipated second season, Ridge confirmed it will pick up exactly where season one left off. “Making their way through hyperspace en route to D’Qar, the Colossus crew gets more than they bargained for: systems malfunctions, artificial-gravity fluctuations, fuel shortages, and even a meddling droid belonging to the First Order,” reads the official synopsis on

The Galaxy Stage audience then got a very big surprise in the form of a screening of the first full episode of Star Wars Resistance Season two. I won’t spoil any further events of this next installment, except to say that the show retains the same balance of humor, action, adventure, and charming characters we were first introduced to back in October. Upon exiting the presentation, everyone in attendance received the terrific double-sided poster pictured above.

Star Wars Resistance season two airs in late 2019 on Disney XD.