It’s been another thrilling day here in Anaheim, and we’re so excited to share this Expo with you! Whether you’re here in town with us, or enjoying everything vicariously through the internet, we hope you’re having as much fun as we are. No need for me to dilly-dally, let’s jump in:

Disney Studios Panel

Things took off this morning during the Walt Disney Studios panel where Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars were all represented. The day’s announcements included new posters, artwork, plenty of special guests, Frozen 2 and much more.

Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Celebration

Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds! Today D23 celebrated the classic attraction for reaching such an impressive milestone. We’ve got the full panel right here for you!

Marvel 80 Panel

Marvel comics has been bringing the best super hero stories to fans everywhere for the past 80 years, and their legacy has inspired television shows, movies, books, artwork and so much more. Now we can add radio to that list as SiriusXM has announced “Marvel’s 80th: The Road to Marvel Comics #1000.” Coming to Channel 4, this new limited-time offering will be dedicated to celebrating all 8 decades of Marvel.

The Simpsons

Welcome to the Disney family Simpsons family! First up we need you to come to a presentation at our biennial expo… We’ll have a lot more from the first ever Simpsons appearance at D23 in the coming days, but before you say “eat my shorts” and walk away, here’s Yeardley Smith hosting Simpsons trivia at the Disney+ pavilion:

Just for Fun

Another great day full of creative cosplay! Which is your favorite? And check out this collection of creative costumes and unique ensembles.

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