UPDATE 4/17/2020: Today Hasbro kicked off its new “Fan First Friday” initiative by revealing the packaging for the Clone Commander Wolffe, K-2SO, and previously announced Power Droid action figures from the Vintage Collection.

Original post from 3/31:

The Force is certainly with a number of Star Wars fan-run websites and independent news sources today, as Hasbro partnered with various outlets to reveal new toys as part of its Hasbro Pulse Star Wars Fan Celebration.

Star Wars Insider Magazine, Fantha Tracks, Coffee with Kenobi, JediNews.co.uk, StarWarsCollector.com, RebelScum.com, CollectorsCantina.com, SWActionNews.com, BanthaSkull.com, YodasNews.com, JediDefender.com, and 4LOMKuss.com all got in on the action as eight different action figure announcements were made for Hasbro’s The Black Series and Vintage Collection.

The Mandalorian in Beskar Armor (6-inch The Black Series)

Din Djarin has appeared in the six-inch Black Series before, but only in the worn-down armor he wore in the first two and a half episodes of The Mandalorian’s first season. Now you’ll be able to pick him up in his shiny Beskar armor, acquired by trading in poor Baby Yoda to Werner Herzog. Thankfully he’ll use his new get-up to return The Child to safety.

Teebo (6-inch The Black Series)

If I’m not mistaken, Teebo is the first Ewok to join the six-inch Black Series. And this figure looks fantastic, but where’s Wicket? Hopefully we’ll get the Warwick Davis-played Endorian soon, along with his pals Logray, Paploo, and Chief Chirpa as well.

Admiral Ackbar (6-inch The Black Series)

“It’s a device or enclosure designed to catch and retain animals, typically by allowing entry but not exit or by catching hold of a part of the body!” Our favorite Mon Calamari is finally getting the six-inch Black Series treatment in his Return of the Jedi uniform– previously he’s only been available in his The Force Awakens form.

Darth Vader The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary (6-inch The Black Series)

Am I the only one who can’t tell the difference between Darth Vader’s armor in the individual movies of the Original Trilogy? I’ve got one of the six-inch Black Series Vader’s already (I think it’s the ROTJ version because his helmet comes off to reveal the face of Sebastian Shaw) and that’s probably enough for me.

K-2SO (3 ¾-inch Vintage Collection)

The former Imperial security droid hilariously played by Alan Tudyk in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming to the three-and-three-quarter-inch Vintage Collection. “And there’s a fresh one if you mouth off again.”

Clone Commander Wolffe (3 ¾-inch Vintage Collection)

Send in this clone to add to your three-and-three-quarter-inch Vintage Collection Grand Army of the Republic. He looks very familiar, but I’m told they all have distinct personalities. And this one’s got somewhat unique armor, so there’s that too.

Carbonized Stormtrooper The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary (6-inch The Black Series)

I’m not sure I understand these “Carbonized” figures either. They’re just… what, shiny? Anyway, this one is an Imperial stormtrooper.

Carbonized Boba Fett The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary

And this one’s Boba Fett, because the guy doesn’t have enough merchandise in his image already. Seriously though, these toys look incredibly cool! And they’ll all be available this summer. Pre-order now via Hasbro Pulse, Entertainment Earth, or Big Bad Toy Store.