Video Unboxing: Deadpool’s 30th Birthday Surprise from Marvel, Postmates, Hasbro, Igloo, and Lovepop

For three decades now, Marvel’s Deadpool has been entertaining comic book readers with his witty banter and daring misadventures. And in celebration of the “Merc with a Mouth’s” 30th birthday, Marvel teamed up with the app-based delivery service Postmates, toy company Hasbro, cooler maker Igloo, and pop-up greeting card creator Lovepop for an unforgettable Deadpool promotion on April Fool’s Day.

In the video below, I unbox and check out the items that came in Marvel and Postmates’ complimentary Deadpool “Nerdy 30” surprise delivery.

Watch Deadpool's 30th Birthday Surprise UNBOXING from Marvel and Postmates:

Included in Deadpool’s “Nerdy 30” birthday surprise were:

  • Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Premium Interactive Head from Hasbro ($99.99) – “The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is a premium, electronic, interactive, app-enhanced collectible with over 600 SFX and phrases, multiple sensors, and motors for expressive movement. Using the free app, set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and loved ones, or wake you up every morning… maybe even on time!”
  • Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Playmate Pal 7 Qt Cooler from Igloo ($39.99) – “A Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Playmate? This is what happens when you combine the world’s greatest (and mouthiest) mercenary, the world’s most famous cooler and the deep-fried burrito that should be a worldly cuisine. Our special-edition Deadpool Playmate is modeled after a food truck inspired by The Merc With the Mouth’s chimichanga fascination.”
  • Marvel's Deadpool: Birthday 3D card from Lovepop ($15) – “Here comes Deadpool, ready to save your next birthday celebration. Marvel and unicorn fans alike will go crazy for this ready-to-party design. Be a hero and surprise them with a Deadpool card they'll never forget. We're pretty much handing it to you on a silver platter, boo.”
  • A one-month subscription to Marvel Unlimited and 40,000 Marvel Insider points.
  • A 50%-off code for Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Series.