EXCLUSIVE: See Disney’s “Moana” Retold by “Chibi Tiny Tales” Before the Disney Channel Premiere on Princess Night

The princess of Motunui has never been so kawaii! That’s Japanese for “Cute.” Disney’s Chibi Tiny Tales has given the adorable treatment to the adventures of Moana and Maui with the latest short, “Moana as Told by Chibi.” This brand-new short will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, August 27th as part of Princess Night, but you can be the first to see it now exclusively on Laughing Place courtesy of our partners at Disney Channel. Enjoy!

Disney Channel Princess Night Schedule for Friday, August 27th:

About the Ultimate Princess Celebration:

Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration is a yearlong worldwide celebration of courage and kindness through Disney’s most enduring and royal heroines. Disney kicked off World Princess Week on Monday, August 23rd and Disney Channel’s Princess Night is part of the week of activities, which have included special events and food offerings at Disney Parks, new product releases, and a limited-time Disney Princess phone line. The theme song for the Ultimate Princess Celebration, “Starting Now,” is performed by Brandy, whose music video will debut as part of the Disney Princess Remixed special.