Twitter LOVES the Peyton and Eli Manning Alternate Monday Night Football Broadcast

First time since 1993, brothers and retired superstars Peyton and Eli Manning watched Monday Night Football together. And … they were kind enough to broadcast it as part of an alternate broadcast which I’ve seen unofficially called Monday Night Manning. Based on social media reaction, the ESPN 2 broadcast was very popular. There were several tweets each second, the vast majority of which giving high praise and pointing out some of the better moments. Below are some of my favorites from blue checkmarks (you know, to give it gravitas).

Eli Manning got it started before the broadcast showing his excitement.

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

A lot of the fun came from just watching the Mannings during the game. They do not look like former NFL football players, and Peyton, in particular, does not hide his frustration.

Throughout the game, we were given some great insights into quarterback’s brain and what it takes to manage it on the field.

The brothers pick on each other constantly, and one of the fun parts of following on Twitter is seeing who else loves the lines you do. For example, this reference to Peyton’s large head (according to his brother).

Or Eli finding out Peyton’s coin toss call strategy.

In the fourth quarter, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joined them and remained through the rest of the game. He’s not usually known for having a big personality, but here he was wonderful.

Football fans rejoice! Monday Night Manning will have nine more broadcasts this year and has already been signed for 10 broadcasts each of the next two years as well. Considering my Cowboys lost on Thursday, this is easily the best thing to happen in football so far this season.

Doobie Moseley
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