After a two year pause in my international travels, this week I have the absolute pleasure of being in France and visiting Disneyland Paris. It feels really good to be able to use my annual pass for parks visits and merchandise discounts too!

While I haven’t purchased much (yet) there are dozens of fun pins, plush, and unique Disneyland Paris collections on display at stores throughout Parc Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park. Let’s take a look at some of the fun offerings available to guests.

Storybook Store

Resting comfortably on a corner on Main Street, the Storybook Store opened earlier this year and was available exclusively to passholders. As of today, it’s open to all guests, but we managed to get in an AP visit yesterday! Along with an assortment of pins, I was pleased to see the EARidecent Minnie Mouse Ear Headband was available even though they’ve long been sold out in the U.S.

Isn’t Patch just adorable wearing a pair of oversized glasses? And he looks so academic with that bowtie!


I really love this olive green Disneyland Paris hoodie that’s decorated with flowers. It’s so different from much of the Disney parks merchandise I’m used to seeing at home. The only thing I dislike is that there’s no front pocket.

Another fun find was neckwarmers, especially this gray design themed after Thumper or as he’s known over here, Pampan. These sell for €19,99.

I also love these character gloves that feature a different friend on every finger and this grey and yellow knit hat complete with pompom (both €16,99).

Young guests can stay warm and dress like their favorite character with these fuzzy hats with long hanging paws (€30,00) Here we have Miss Bunny, Marie, Simba, and the Cheshire Cat.

Another fun and popular souvenir are magnets and DLP has plenty for sale, but I just snapped a picture of my three favorites. These sell for €3,99-€5,99.

I moved the camera too quickly and the result was this blurry but kinda cool picture.

I moved the camera too quickly and the result was this blurry but kinda cool picture.

If you’re the type that likes to send postcards, you’ll be happy to know you can get them here, but they’re not cheap. These sell for €2,00 each and that’s without postage, but they are packaged in a plastic covering and have a colorful cardboard backing.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary (1995-2020) of Toy Story with this series of figurines themed to each movie in the franchise! I especially love the greyscale used for Woody’s Roundup (Prospector, Jessie, Woody and Bullseye) And hey, it’s on sale for 30% off!

Disney’s newest movie, Encanto, has just arrived in theatres, so naturally, there was a big merchandise display. I’ve seen most of these items, however the doll set (€99,99) with Maribel, her sisters, Antonio and his animal pals was brand new to me.

Walt Disney Studios Store

As a young girl, I loved anything with sparkles and this Elsa jacket (€39,99) has my inner child dancing with delight.

If you love plush pals, the “black and white” Mickey and Minnie are really cute (€15,99) and there’s also a series of Snuggle Snappers that will hold on your bag, belt, or stroller (€17,99).

Pascal and Bruni (€16,00)will make great friends too as will Mickey Mouse dressed up as Peter Pan (€19,99) or Scrooge McDuck aka Oncle Picsou (€25.99).

While the collection isn’t as extensive here as it is in the U.S., the Disney nuiMOs have arrived at Disneyland Paris and they’re having a grand time.

Les Légends d’Hollywood

We spotted some awesome Star Wars collectibles to themed to the Original and Sequel trilogies. Prices range from €6,99-€40,00.

I love these Baby Groot Ears (€19,99) that are decorated with the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 mixtape and the official Guardians of the Galaxy logo. I also threw in a pair of dark blue-grey Mickey Ears (€ that are lightweight and perfect for fans going for a classic look.

Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop

We found more plush! What do you think of these baby versions of Sven, Bagherra and Bambi? Some of the other baby plush come with a small blanket attached. I’m particularly fond of Copper and Pegasus!  

Need some Christmas inspiration? Donald Duck is dressed up as a toy soldier and Forky is having fun with a Santa hat and a candy cane; Olaf and Tinker Bell bring warm wishes and your favorite Disney Princesses make beautiful ornaments for your tree.

Star Traders

The gift shop at Star Tours has a galaxy full of gifts including a light-up Christmas sweater (€49,99) that reads “Merry Sithmas.” Other items featured are a black ladies-cut Chewbacca t-shirt (€25,99) that reads “Save the Resistance. Be a Hero” in gold foil; a Yoda (€25,99) and Rebel Alliance (€19,99) shirts, a black and white Stormtrooper zip-up hoodie (€55,99) and a First Order bomber jacket (€79,99).  

Millennium Falcon or TIE Fighter? Both of the iconic ships are featured on navy blue and burgundy shirts respectively (€25,99), meanwhile, young rebel pilots will look fantastic in this khaki jacket (€44,99) that isn’t lacking in pockets!

Did you think we were done with plush? We’re not! We found an Ewok Mama holding an Ewok Baby and a Wicket Snuggle Snapper (€17,99).

If you love Star Wars droids wearing hats, these figures should be on your gift list! Part of the Droid Factory line (€10,99), each R2 unit can be seen sporting colorful headwear like a Santa Hat, Yoda Ears or a baseball cap.

For the crafty among us in the Star Wars universe there are character pens and Lightsaber crayons.


Well isn’t this a ‘‘Marvel’ous assortment of Infinity Saga attire and collectibles?!

Main Street Motors

We’ll wrap things up for today with a look at a collection inspired by The Lion King. This black Spirit Jersey (€60,00) is one of my favorite ever. While I don't particularly love a large design on the front, this is so cute with Simba, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa making a trek across the desert. But the best part is the ombre/sunset color scheme that transitions from bright red to golden yellow. Oh, and the cub paw!

There are some fun t-shirts showcasing Simba throughout the years, first with silhouettes of the gang walking; another with a tie front that features and the words “Life is a Gift” (€29,99), and a red sweatshirt (€39,99) and yellow top (€25,99) with a grown up Simba who’s ready to be King.

Finally this beautiful woven poncho (€54,99) will keep guests warm during the cold winter days and make a stunning fashion statement.  

Thanks for joining me for a look at Disneyland Paris merchandise. For more on Disney fashions, collections, and limited edition items, follow us @DisneyMerchShow on Twitter and  check out our weekly YouTube show Barely Necessities for the latest reveals.

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