Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Yub Nub! We Love the Wicket Cosplay Wallet by Loungefly

Last fall, our friends at Entertainment Earth gave us a credit to shop their wide selection of collectibles and I decided on a variety of products, including some exclusives and pre-order merchandise. Our Most recent spotlight showcased the Shang-Chi Necklace and Bracelet Ring Prop Replica set, and today we have the Loungefly Wicket Cosplay Wallet.

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Loungefly Wicket Cosplay Wallet

Well we’ve almost reached the end of our Entertainment Earth Spotlight series and it seems that with the way shipping has worked out, we’ve saved the best for last! So far, we’ve reviewed items from Funko, Pin Mates and an exclusive replica set from Salesone LLC. Now, it’s about time we look at Loungefly! Our fifth item to showcase is a cosplay wallet featuring the adorable Ewok Wicket, from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.

Ok, how cute is this wallet?! The front side shows Wicket’s smiling face complete with embroidered large eyes, nose, and teeth surrounded by his light brown hood. But best of all are his three dimensional ears that poke out to pick up sounds in the forest. The backside continues the coloring of Wicket’s hood and features the signature Loungefly medallion with Star Wars branding. This wallet has a nice almost suede-like finish and I love the way it feels in my hands.

While I love the outside of this sizeable wallet, the inside is where the magic is happening! Unsnapping the single closure will reveal eight roomy slots for cards including a window slot for ID; two mini pockets for cash or additional cards, and an expanding slot for dollar bills, tickets or receipts.

On the right side is a zipper pocket that’s ideal for loose change. The inside also features the suede finish for the card slots as well as a fun lining. Adding to the aesthetic is a brown and green pattern of small Wicket heads, oversized leaves and ferns that are no doubt inspired by the color and sights of Endor.

Overall the wallet measures 6 1/2-inches wide x 4-inches tall and will comfortably fit in a tote bag or medium size purse. It will not fit in a pants pocket and I would not recommend trying to put it in a coat pocket either. Additionally, when full of cards and cash, it is not slim and expands more than I thought it would, but I’m willing to trade the space for the ease of card storage and retrieval.

If you really want to make the most of your Wicket cosplay, you might want to pair this with the matching Star Wars Wicket Footsie Mini-Backpack that expands on the wallet look by giving him hands and feet! Both items are available now on Entertainment Earth with the wallet selling for $40.00 and the backpack for $80.00. Guest spending $49+ (pre tax) on in-stock items can qualify for free standard shipping in the U.S.

Star Wars Wicket Cosplay Flap Wallet

Star Wars Wicket Footsie Mini-Backpack

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