Photo Report: See the Stylish Backdrops from Disneyland After Dark: Villains Nite

Disneyland After Dark: Villains Nite just completed its first of two event dates. Disney California Adventure has been overrun by Disney Villains and part of the fun of this special after-hours event is dressing up in costume and posing in front of themed photo backdrops. There are also lots of rare character encounters, which you can see here.

Of the 7 photo opportunities listed on the event guide map, we were able to find 5. Whether you build your houses of straw, sticks, or bricks, you’re no match for the Big Bad Wolf, who has huffed and puffed and blown all but the door down!

Feeling a little demonic? You can now be the terror of Bald Mountain, Chernabog himself!

Up for an extreme tavern makeover? Consider Gaston for your next project. He promises to use antlers in every aspect of his decorating designs.

If you’re feeling devilishly stylish, enjoy this themed step-and-repeat featuring icons from some of the most fearsome villains in all of Disneydom.

Leaving so soon? Drive safely in your red-hot Coupe Deville from 101 Dalmatians.

The remaining backdrops, which we didn’t have a chance to photograph during the event, allow you to become the fairest one of all in the magic mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or become Sid's next toy project from Toy Story, trapped in a crate on his work desk.

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