10 Marvel Things I Want to See in “Werewolf by Night”

We are just a few days away from the premiere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first real foray into the horror genre as Werewolf by Night is set to hit Disney+ on October 7. This unique special is sure to give us some crazy creatures and fun characters as it pays homage to the classic monster movies of the ‘30s and ‘40s.

While the trailer for the upcoming series has revealed a whole lot of very quick glimpses of Marvel goodness, let’s take a look at 10 Marvel things I’d like to see in Werewolf by Night.

1 – Elsa Bloodstone

Starting off with an easy one here. We actually already know Elsa is going to appear in this special as it was confirmed recently. However, I’m not entirely cheating here as the version of the character I want to see is not the cowering woman we’ve seen in the trailer, but rather the triumphant monster hunter we know from the comics. I would expect Elsa is putting on a front as she trembles in fear in the early going, only to reveal that she is actually the most dangerous being in the room.

2 – Ulysses Bloodstone

Speaking of the Bloodstone family. Photos from the special have already revealed that Ulysses Bloodstone will also appear here. Ulysses is also a famed monster hunter and the abusive father of Elsa who pushed her into becoming the killer she is now. Based on the image above, it appears this special will take place after his death which allows for Elsa to take up the mantle.

3 – The Bloodgem

Of course, Elsa isn’t just a normal human taking on these massive monsters with a shotgun. No, she gets her powers from something called the blood gem, piece of a meteorite that was passed down from her father and grants her superhuman strength, speed, agility and all those other fun-but-typical powers. There appears to be some kind of competition happening in this special based on the trailer and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bloodgem is the prize.

4 – Man-Thing

Kind of cheating again a little bit here as the trailer gives us a very brief glimpse at what appears to be the creature known as Man-Thing. This odd-looking and even more oddly-named creature is actually a hero and guards the Nexus of All Realities, which as you already know is located in a swamp in the middle of Florida. His presence in this special is likely only due to his creepy nature and not because of his cosmic responsibilities, but it would be fun if this is planting the seed (pun intended) for his future in the MCU.

5 – The Darkhold

Yes, THAT Darkhold. The troublesome book has some history with Werewolf by Night as it actually led to the werewolf curse continuing down his family’s bloodline. We know the Darkhold has been destroyed in the MCU, but it’s possible it won’t simply go away that easily. It’s also possible there’s some timeline differences in play here, with this potentially taking place prior to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and maybe even in another universe.

6 – Vampires

The Marvel Universe is full of all kinds of creatures and if werewolves are being introduced to the MCU, why not vampires as well. We had a bit of a tease of their presence in last week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and we know they’ll be coming eventually with the introduction of Blade, so why not drop them in here? And, if you’re going to introduce vampires, well then…

7 – Dracula

Yes, THAT Dracula. He is a character in the Marvel Universe and has crossed paths with Werewolf by Night. The lord of all vampires will likely have a role to play in the future or the MCU, again with Blade being the likely culprit for his introduction. I wouldn’t expect to see him in this special, but perhaps a mention or a hint at his existence is in the cards.

8 – Monster Metropolis

And as long as we’re introducing all these monsters, we might as well also give them a place to live. Monster Metropolis probably falls into the “too ridiculous for the MCU” category, but it’s fun to dream. Monster Metropolis is an underground city that serves as the home for all things thought to be mythical and monstrous, like vampires, mummies, werewolves and a lot more. Perhaps a mention of this nightmarish city could be thrown in here.

9 – Moon Knight

If you followed along with any of our Moon Knight coverage, you know by now that the character’s fir comic appearance came in “Werewolf by Night #32.” The characters have crossed paths a number of times on the page so it would make sense that they would do so on the screen as well. Again, I’m not expecting Moony to play a big role in this story, but perhaps he makes an appearance or a mention in a tag.

10 – Mephisto

I know, I know. I’m living in a prison of my own creation. It didn’t happen in WandaVision. It didn’t happen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It didn’t happen in Moon Knight or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But how’s the old saying go? Fool me 616 times…? Look, I might just throw his name on this list every time a new Marvel project comes out at this point, but come on, it’s a horror special! It makes at least a little bit of sense here, right? Right!? Please someone tell me I’m right.

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night debuts on Disney+ on Friday, October 7.

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