What We Know About the “Incredible” New Float Coming to Paint the Night

Disneyland Resort is well into its first-ever Pixar Fest and things are about to get even better. In less than two weeks, Disney California Adventure’s Paint the Night Parade will debut a new float starring the Incredibles. Recently, we learned a few more details about this super addition to the popular parade.

What’s happening:

  • Paint the Night Parade will add a brand new float featuring the Parr family and Frozone from Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles and Incredibles 2.
  • The float is scheduled to debut on June 23rd right along with the grand opening of Pixar Pier.
  • Disney Imagineers used a variety of lighting effects to create stunning visuals in and around the float.
  • The float scene was inspired by the end of The Incredibles where the Underminer appears from beneath the ground to enact his villainous plot. Fun fact: Incredibles 2 will pick up right where the first movie ended showing the conclusion of the fight.
  • It’s 30 feet long, 11 feet wide, and its tallest position is 18 feet high. The Frozone figure is actually about 12 feet off the ground.
  • This Incredibles themed float contains 200 different, individually programmed strobes. It also has 13 buildings that each have their own LED panels, about 123 in total.
  • The super suits, designed by Edna Mode, are illuminated with nearly 100 sheets of flexible, miniature LEDs. This is the first time these light-up suits are being worn by any Disney or Pixar character.
  • Guests will see their favorite Supers displaying their unique and amazing powers:
    • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl: The Super parents are on guard and ready to protect their family (and all citizens) from any unfriendly attacks. Their costumes contain individually programmed LED lighting elements. The chest logos alone on their super suits are made up of 60 LEDs.
    • Frozone: Frozone has skated his way to the top of the float on a trail of ice he created using his water freezing abilities.
    • Violet: Violet is perched atop the back of the float inside a rotating purple forcefield. The globe containing Violet is the largest sphere on a moving parade float.
    • Dash: The super speedy pre-teen is on the move! A series of neon lights (64 to be exact) surrounding the float will be illuminated in sequence showcasing Dash’s fantastic ability.
    • Jack-Jack: The adorable baby will appear in 4 different spots around the float showing off his amazing powers. Keep your eyes open because you never know what he’ll be up to.

What they’re saying:

  • Tasha Sounart, Associate Creative Director, Theme Parks art Pixar Animation Studios: “One thing we really wanted to do here was have a really cool action scene with all the different characters showing off all their different powers, but also utilize what makes the Paint the Night Parade awesome which is all the different lighting effects.”
  • Tracy Halas, Show Director/Choreographer, Disneyland Resort: “We’re just really excited to add this element to the parade. Our guests have been loving the parade. It’s brought a lot of energy to the nighttime here are Disney California Adventure.”
  • Tasha Sounart on the entire float: “I’m really proud of how we utilized all the different lighting effects for these different characters. I think it’s gonna be really cool.”

More Pixar Fun:

The Incredibles float will join the Paint the Night Parade on Saturday, June 23rd. Incredibles 2 will debut in theaters on June 15th.

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