Disney’s Grevy’s Zebra Foals Make On Stage Debut


The Disney Parks Blog as happily announced that the Grevy’s zebras and their foals have returned to Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The young zebras were born in the last week or April/first week of May. They’ve been spending time bonding with their mothers and are now ready to join the heard at the attraction.

About the zebras:

  • Laylee is the mother to Youka
  • Zuri is the mother to Zalika
  • Zebra keepers Collin Beatty and Lori Kurdziel, shared with Disney Parks Blog writer, Scott Terrell that both Laylee and Zuri are excellent moms.
  • Terrell reports that “Zuri hovers more over her foal Zalika, sticking close and keeping a watchful eye on her. Laylee has always been very curious and outgoing, and it seems her foal Youka is as well.”
  • Along with sharing similar personalities with their moms, the foals also have their mothers’ unique stripe patterns.

Earlier this year:

Exciting things are happening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This past week two zebra foals were born under the watchful eye and care of Disney Cast Members. The Grevy’s zebras are the world’s most endangered zebra species with approximately 2,500 in the world. Fortunately, the zebras at Animal Kingdom have a safe home.

Grevy Zebras

What’s happening:

  • Disney’s zebras Laylee and Zuri gave birth to foals on April 26th and May 1st respectively.
  • The baby zebras are currently bonding with their mothers backstage.
  • All four zebras will eventually join the rest of the heard at the Gorilla Falls Expedition Trail overlook at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

What the Disney Parks Blog is saying:

 , DVM, DACVP, Director of Animal & Science Operations, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts:

  • On the birth of the foals—”These zebra foals are making an important contribution toward the worldwide conservation and understanding of the Grevy’s species, which will help ensure a future generation for these endangered animals.”
  • Regarding Cast involvement in conservation—”The conservation work our cast has contributed with Grevy’s zebras is just the beginning. Later this year, several other cast members will travel across the world to support endangered animals such as painted dogs, dolphins, gorillas, Guam rails and kingfishers, rhinos, sharks and vultures.
  • The importance of Cast Members—”Our cast is the most valuable resource we have in delivering on world-class animal care and conservation.”

ICYMI—Other Disney conservation news:

  • Recently Disney announced a plan to expand their current solar panel project. With the addition of the new facility, up to 25% of the Walt Disney World Resort will be powered by solar energy.
  • The Disney Conservation Fund will be awarding over $8 million in grants to 80 nonprofit conservation organizations during 2018.
  • While the cute zebra foals might be the newest babies to join Animal Kingdom, they are hardly the first. Last August, two Sumatran tigers were born and a made their on stage debut in December. Then in January, a hippo named Augusts was born and he joined his mother when she returned on stage in February.
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