Disney Channel has reportedly ordered a pilot for the autism-themed comedy The A Girl, according to Deadline.

  • The A Girl will be a comedy focusing on a teenage girl on the autism spectrum.
  • The new series will be created by Brenda Hampton, creator of popular series like 7th Heaven and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
  • Steven K. Tsuchida will direct the new series.
  • No premiere date for the new series has been announced at this time.

The Cast:

  • Stacy Wiener
  • Dora Dolphin
  • Cameron Caulfield
  • Faly Rakotohavan
  • Noah Ziggy James
  • Amy Farrington

The Plot:

  • The A Girl follows the unlikely friendship between two girls who are forced together in a new “Friends Program” in their middle school: Daisy (Dolphin), the Queen Bee, who isn’t used to being told the truth, and Zoe (Wiener), a girl on the autism spectrum who would rather fly solo, and who can’t help do anything but that. They are completely different but find out they have more in common than they thought.”

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