“This summer, no super hero is safe…everyone is a target!” Alright Marvel fans, brace yourself for Absolute Carnage, a brand new event series coming to Marvel Comics. Writer Donny Cates shared the announcement via video this morning at C2E2 in Chicago. The series will kick off in Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man/Venom #1 and officially begin this August.

Absolute Carnage

Absolute Carnage

What’s happening:

  • This morning at C2E2 in Chicago, acclaimed writer, Donny Cates, announced Absolute Carnage – Marvel’s epic summer event!
  • Beginning in Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man/Venom #1 (out May 5), the blockbuster event starts in August and re-teams Cates with Venom’s Ryan Stegman and colorist Frank Martin for the deadliest story in the Marvel Universe!

Fun fact:

  • Fans will see the threads reaching as far back as Amazing Spider-Man 252 with connections to almost every Venom and Carnage story since.
  • Cates is best known in the Marvel comics world for his work on:
    • Thanos
    • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Doctor Strange

What they’re saying:

  • Donny Cates: “Cletus Kasady is back, and he is deadlier than he’s ever been. Absolute Carnage encompasses every single character who has ever worn a symbiote and every symbiote that has ever been, going all the way back to when Peter found the black suit. Going from there to Maximum Carnage to Venomized to everything…everyone is a target.”

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