Help Make LEGO Stitch a Reality by Voting for This LEGO Idea

The LEGO Ideas program has created some great Disney-themed LEGO concepts, including the recently released Steamboat Willie set. Now, you can help make this LEGO Stitch concept a reality.

  • The LEGO Stitch concept comes from LEGO Ideas user Legohaulic.
  • The set initially reached 10,000 supporters in 2018 but was turned down by the LEGO Review Board and not turned into a set.
  • Now, the concept has another shot as LEGO Ideas is holding a 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote to give a second chance for several ideas that were turned down.
  • LEGO offered the following explanation for the Fan Vote:
    • This all started as we reminisced on these past years, the product ideas that had been turned into official sets and all those that hadn't. It led to the realization that we definitely wanted to celebrate those past product ideas that hadn't made it, for one reason or another, even more and thereby to give them a second chance. All these thoughts kickstarted the special anniversary review, where we had to determine which product ideas still had the potential to become an official set based on our usual review criteria that encompasses aspects such as brand fit, build quality, feasibility, licensing possibilities, expected demand, current and future LEGO products and much more.
  • The Stitch set stands at seven inches tall and features 13 points of articulation.
  • The set also comes ready for adaptations, like adding Stitch’s extra arms and antennae.

  • Voting for this contest ends June 4. You can cast your vote for Stitch here.

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