As has become popular, Disney has released a video of one of their new show stopping songs being sung in multiple languages. This morning, the company shared Frozen 2’s “Into the Unknown” performed in 29 languages.  

What’s happening:

  • The DisneyMusic Vevo YouTube channel has released a new video for the song “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2
  • The animated sequence from the movie features vocals in 29 languages including:
    • English
    • Swedish
    • German
    • Icelandic
    • Norwegian
    • French
    • Hindi
    • Polish
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Sámi
  • This clip showcases some the voices tapped to help bring the story of Frozen 2 to audiences around the world. Take a look:

Did you know?:

  • Frozen 2 has been dubbed in 45 languages, and this film release marks the first time a Disney movie has been dubbed in Sámi.
  • The movie has been nominated in several categories for both the Annie Awards and the Golden Globes. In fact, “Into the Unknown” is up for best original song for this year’s Golden Globes.
  • Speaking of awards season, Disney has submitted Frozen 2 as a contender for the 2020 Oscars. At this time, nominations have not been declared and all submissions are strictly “For Your Consideration.”

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