Disney Licenses Disney+ Originals to OSN for Third-Party Distribution in the Middle East

The Walt Disney Company has licensed some of their Disney+ Originals to the Middle East based Orbit Showtime Network (OSN). The deal will allow the TV firm to host the content on their boxes and online streaming services. This marks the first time Disney+ original content will be distributed via a third-party.

Via Variety

Via Variety

What’s happening:

  • While The Walt Disney Company isn’t launching Disney+ in the Middle East region for some time, Variety is writing that Orbit Showtime Network (OSN)—a pay TV streaming firm—will have access to some of the streamer’s original series.
  • Through a licensing agreement, OSN will be able to host Disney+ shows on its box and streaming platforms. Shows expected to be available include:
  • Users in the region can enjoy the online streaming service for $9.50 a month.
  • OSN broadcasts into 24 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, including:
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Lebanon
  • Variety notes that this agreement between Disney+ and OSN is the first time that Disney+ original content will be distributed through a third-party.

What they’re saying:

  • Amit Malhotra, Disney’s regional lead for content sales and distribution: “Given that we currently do not plan to launch Disney Plus as a standalone service in the region in the near future, we are pleased to work with OSN to bring Disney Plus Originals to viewers in the Middle East.”
  • OSN chief executive Patrick Tillieux: “Adding Disney Plus Originals to our boxes and streaming services is a huge milestone for us and reinforces our commitment to offering premium content to our regional audience from only the most exceptional brands.”

More Disney+:

  • Since the platform’s initial launch last November, fans have embraced the streaming service with more than 28 million subscribers.
  • Late last month, the service debuted in several countries in Western Europe, and will launch in India on April 3rd.
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