D23 has shared a highlight video from the 20th Anniversary Reunion of A Goofy Movie as part of their week-long 25th anniversary celebration.

What’s Happening:

  • D23’s week-long celebration of the 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie continues with highlights from the 2015 D23 Expo cast reunion panel on YouTube.
  • This panel was recorded in 2015 for the film’s 20th anniversary and includes Bill Farmer (Goofy), Jason Marsden (Max), Jim Cummings (Pete), Rob Paulsen (P.J.), Jenna Von Oy (Stacey), and Jymn Magon (Screenwriter), moderated by Don Hahn.
  • The video does not include the live performance of “I2I” by Tevin Campbell (Powerline), but does include his introduction and bow.

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