Pixar Artist Shows How To Make a Digital Flip-Book Featuring Blazey from “Onward”

As part of an ongoing series with Pixar artists, today, Mike Stern, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios shows us how to make a digital flip-book featuring animation with the Dragon pet from the movie Onward, Blazey.

What’s Happening:

  • Mike Stern, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios takes to his digital devices and shows us how to make a digital flip book featuring the Blazey, the dragon pet of Ian and Barley Lightfoot in the film, Onward. 
  • The first half of the tutorial does start out very rough as animator Mike Stern himself openly admits that at a certain point he would then transition from the basic movement of the rough sketch over to the 3D Animation software. Don’t worry though, he sticks with the rough sketch and fully develops it and adds more final details to it.
  • Stern is well versed as he has animated for numerous Pixar features, including Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur, Cars 3, Inside Out, Coco, Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4, all leading up to Onward.
  • This video is just the latest in a series from Pixar Animation Studios that shows how to draw different characters. More recently they have posted tutorials teaching how to draw Barley Lightfoot, also from Onward, Lightning McQueen from Cars, and Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4.
  • Onward was released on March 4th, shortly before much of the country (including movie theaters) closed down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The film was quickly made available on digital platforms such as iTunes before debuting on Disney+ on April 3rd.

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