Swirled and twirled ice cream delights are always delicious no matter the season and this fall, Carvel is drawing inspiration from a trio of sisters for their latest shake creation.

What’s happening:

  • Carvel is joining Freeform in celebrating 31 Nights of Halloween with a brand new Hocus Pocus Shake!
  • The magical handspun concoction is made of OREO Cookie pieces & vanilla soft serve, topped with whipped cream and served with a limited-edition cup.*
  • Sisters Sarah, Winifred, and Mary are featured on the front of the cup in animated form studying a spell book. The cup also features the 31 Nights of Halloween and Freefrom logos.
  • This treat is only available for a short time so grab your favorite broom or vacuum and fly on over to Carvel for this tasty treat.
  • To find the location nearest you, please visit the Carvel website.

*limited edition cups while supplies last

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