It’s been 10 days since Disney took over operation of the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase at EPCOT and more of the area has reopened for Guests to explore. Click here to see what the area looked like before today.

Spice Road Table has reopened under Disney management. The menu appears to be the same, but the biggest difference is that they only take walk-ups at the moment. We presume it will be available for reservations again sometime in the future.

With an open air outdoor dining room, Spice Road Table is sure to be a popular choice for Guests looking for a table service restaurant in EPCOT. The only other open air table service location is Rose & Crown in the United Kingdom Pavilion, which also has an indoor dining area with no guarantee of being seated outdoors.

Across from Spice Road Table is a pop-up alcohol stand where Guests can get champagne and beer.

The stand is located next to the Tangierine Cafe.


Speaking of Morocco’s quick service restaurant, it’s still closed and the menu is still covered up. However, dining tables have returned outside where Guests can stop to enjoy the beverages they just purchased.

The plant walls have been removed and Guests can now wander back into the winding streets of Morocco.

However, unless you need to use a local phone or some ambience, there’s nothing to do back there. None of the indoor/outdoor market shops are open and the previous tenants took all their goods with them.

Well, maybe not all of them. This lamp was tied up above one of the shops and was left behind. It still has a price tag on it!

Where there used to be rugs, lamps, incense and belly dancing costumes there are now socially distant tables and chairs.

Make that a lot of tables and chairs.

The tables and chairs extend all the way back to Restaurant Marrakesh.

Sorry, folks, we’re closed. The camel out front should’ve told you.

This guy…

The local phones are right this way through that dark, scary-looking corridor. If your cell phone dies, you can at least go here to call anywhere on Disney property.



… Closed…


… Open! Enjoy the Race Against the Sun exhibit.

The only gift shop open in the Morocco Pavilion is this one next to Spice Road Table as you leave the Morocco Pavilion and head towards Japan. They currently sell Jasmine merchandise.

If you’ve always wanted to simulate what it’s like to be in an abandoned theme park, we highly recommend stopping by the Morocco Pavilion soon before Disney adds more things to do in these winding alleyways.

Have a day of discovery at EPCOT!

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