Fans of trivia and facts about Disney movies can look no further than a new video dropped by D23: The Official Disney Fan Club today, showcasing five facts about the movie Ratatouille that every fan should know.

What’s Happening:

  • D23 has shared a video showcasing five facts about the 2007 Pixar Animation Studios film, Ratatouille.
  • The “tail” of Ratatouille has captured the hearts of Disney and Pixar fans around the world since the film debuted in theaters in 2007. Remy’s journey to become a chef against all odds is something we can all relate to in the pursuit of our dreams. In celebration of this film that has inspired so many, we’ve rounded up some delicious facts about the creation of the film that we think fans need to know. Check out the video above to learn some tasty trivia, and don’t forget—anyone can cook!
  • The video shares everything from easter eggs, to production notes, to details in the animation for eagle-eyed viewers.
  • One favorite item shared is Collette’s burn on her forearm from an oven rack, common amongst chefs, and the sinister looking layout of Anton Ego’s office. Spoiler: It looks like a coffin!
  • We also really like the story of how one animator was forced to dress like a chef and thrown into a pool to get the look of what fabric would look like right. No detail goes overlooked at Pixar!

  • Though this video shares facts from the film Ratatouille well over a decade after its release, we can’t help but be reminded that the attraction, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, is soon to open at EPCOT.
  • No official opening date has been set for the attraction, but the opening sure does seem close. The new courtyard area that is home to the new attraction has partially opened, and featurette videos released show a lack of construction safety equipment, implying the attraction is complete, save for some minor testing and adjusting.
  • When open, this family-friendly attraction will invite guests to shrink down to the scale of a rat for a culinary adventure with Chef Remy, racing across Gusteau’s kitchen floor aboard special trackless ride vehicles, utilizing 3D screens and dimensional set pieces to fully immerse the guests in a wild ride.
  • The ride will be strikingly similar to the Ratatouille attraction at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris, and if you’d like a preview of what can be expected when it arrives at EPCOT, you can check out the video here.