Marvel has shared a brief glimpse into all the visual effects work that went into the highly popular series, WandaVision, that although concluded, is still available to stream on Disney+.

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel has released a video featuring Lorraine Cink where she talks with Tara DeMarco, VFX Supervisor of Marvel Studios' WandaVision about the visual effects magic behind the series.
  • The pair focuses on specific effects from each decade represented in the series. For example, in the black and white 50’s era, they used a combination of real puppeteers as well as CG that way you still get the hokey 50s sitcom look as CG was not available in the 50s, so it had to look like an authentic human was dangling things from strings above the camera.
  • Then we flash forward and get full background on scenes featuring both versions of Vision, which are CG heavy, but how do you make two Paul Bettanys? The answer is in the video.
  • They also mention how they found the perfect library for the battle between the two, but they couldn’t destroy a nice library so they photographed it, and built three quarters of it on a soundstage.

  • More behind the scenes fun about the series can be found in the new Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of WandaVision, now available to stream on Disney+, which provides great insight into how the show was made, which could add another layer of fun for fans of the first Marvel Studios Original Series on the streaming service.
  • Though WandaVision has concluded and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has begun, the episodes remain available to stream now on Disney+.

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