“Secrets of the Whales” and Great Gonzo Performer Dave Goelz Featured on This Week’s “What’s Up,Disney+”

The latest episode of What’s Up Disney+ spills some secrets on the upcoming Secrets of the Whales, and spends some time with the performer behind a real weirdo, Dave Goelz, as he talks about his experiences on The Muppet Show.

What’s Happening:

  • Hosts Jenny Lorenzo and Andre Meadows celebrate Earth Month with National Geographic explorer and photographer, Brian Skerry on this week’s What’s Up Disney+, as they discuss more about the production of the new Secrets of the Whales, coming this Earth Day to the streaming service.  
  • Skerry says that a normal day for him might be an 18 hour day where he gets out in a boat and tries to spend as much time underwater as he can, mentioning that he usually free dives with whales so he’ll be underwater as long as he can hold his breath, but if he wears a scuba tank he’ll be down underwater capturing other species on film for literal hours at a time.
  • He said in his experience, Disney had it right all this time. The animals communicate, they sing, they have relationships with other animals and some species, like whales, even have ancestral traditions.

  • Secrets of the Whales​, an Original Series from National Geographic, executive produced by James Cameron, and narrated by Sigourney Weaver starts streaming on April 22nd.
  • After reminding us that there are new episodes of Inside Pixar now available on Disney+, Andre chats with Dave Goelz about the five seasons of The Muppet Show​, all of which are now streaming on Disney+​. Goelz also explains how excited he is that now the show will look good and remastered, knowing that the shows are timeless, but also not timeless, because the audience won’t know all the contemporary guests that are featured in the series.
  • He also reminisces about numerous pranks that took place behind the scenes, as well as the physical discomfort that any Muppet Performer must endure.

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