Marvel Shares Cover Art for “Venom #3” Coming in December

The future looks challenging for Eddie and Dylan Brock as the father son duo tackle their new lives in space and on earth. The Venom saga continues with new stories as writers Ram V and Al Ewing build on the foundation laid by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

What’s Happening: 

  • Venom is back for a new collection of stories as writing team Ram V and Al Ewing lead the symbiote into the future.
  • Following the most recent run by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, Ram V and Ewing along with artist Bryan Hitch will explore the mythos of the alien creature and the relationship between father son pair Eddie and Dylan Brock.
  • Ewing will write the galactic stories for Eddie who’s now the “King in Black,” while Ram V fills fans in on what’s happening back on earth with Dylan as he becomes a super hero.
  • Together, the two sagas will intertwine and impact one another to create a singular and epic new vision.
  • Marvel shared a look at the cover for Venom #3 (coming in December) which will focus on Dylan and the challenges of his super hero career.
  • The new Venom series launches on October 13th.


  • “As everything Dylan Brock has come to know and love unravels around him, he is beginning to realize a terrible truth: The Venom symbiote is not a harmless pet, no matter how much it pretends to be one. It’s an alien. A dangerous, violent, often bloodthirsty alien. Whatever bond it had with Dylan’s father, Eddie Brock, special as it may have been…is gone. And Dylan might be soon too.”

What They’re Saying:

  • Ram V: "When I knew I was going to be writing Dylan's story about his time as Venom I pitched it as a story told through the eyes of a boy on a road-trip wearing his father's jacket learning a thing or two about where his father picked up his scars and scuff-marks along the way. I think the story interactions between Venom the symbiote, Venom– his father's symbiote, Dylan's own history and his attempt at finding a new equilibrium are all fascinating things to delve into as we tell this drama through an action-packed tense thriller with a hint of sci-fi, horror."
  • Al Ewing: "How me and Ram are working together – we're a band, essentially. Every issue is a new single, every trade is an album, and Eddie and Dylan are our instruments. They're similar, but they make different notes, produce different sounds, build different stories. And for a while – so you should get used to it now – we're going to be taking turns in the spotlight, playing Dylan songs or Eddie songs, while the other band member stays in the background. As each new single comes out, you'll see how it fits together, forms one big concept album – or maybe a symphony. And then, when we're ready, we bring all the instruments in for the crescendo – and that's going to be something to hear."

Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch

Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch


  • Written by Ram V
  • Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch
  • On Sale December!