New “Hulkling & Wiccan” Infinity Comic Now Available on Marvel Unlimited

Have Hulkling and Wiccan finally found their happy ending? You can find out in the new “Hulkling & Wiccan” Infinity Comic, which launched on Marvel Unlimited on yesterday.

  • The all-new Infinity Comic is a 4-part series, with new installments becoming available on the app every Monday.
  • “Hulkling & Wiccan” is written by Josh Trujillo, and an all-star creative team including artist Jodi Nishijima and colorist Matt Milla.
  • Hulkling and Wiccan have found their happy ending at last…or have they? When a magical artifact shows them the paths not taken in life and love, will Billy and Teddy find their way back to each other? Will they even want to?
  • You can preview the new Infinity Comic here and check out the first of four parts now on Marvel Unlimited.

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