Trailer for “Ciao, Alberto” Drops Ahead of Debut on Disney+ Day, November 12th

As we get closer to Disney+ day on November 12th, we’re learning more about the new offerings coming to the ultra-popular streaming service that day, including a new short based on the most recent Pixar film, Luca, called Ciao, Alberto.

What’s Happening:

  • A trailer for the upcoming Pixar Short, Ciao Alberto, has been released ahead of the short’s debut on Disney+ on November 12th.
  • The short, based on the recent Pixar hit, Luca, follows life in Portorosso for Alberto, and his trying to impress his new mentor, Massimo, “the coolest human around.” All of this takes place, of course, while Luca is away at school with Giulia.
  • This, and many other titles are set to debut as part of Disney+ day on November 12th, including:
  • And more!

  • In Luca, Alberto Scorfano becomes a great friend to the titular Luca. He, like Luca, is a sea monster, but lives on the Isola del Mare, an Italian island off the coast of the fictional harbor town of Portorosso, alone with no parents or guardians. Alberto helps Luca escape to Portorosse and try to win the Portorosso Cup so they can win enough money to buy a Vespa to travel the world. While that plan didn’t quite work out, Alberto did find a new mentor in friend Giulia’s dad, Massimo, the greatest fisherman in town. Alberto stays behind with Massimo while Luca goes off to school with Giulia, and this short seems to be a postcard retelling his adventures while the pair are away.
  • Ciao Alberto debuts on Disney+ on November 12th.

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