Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Collection Series 7 Coming Soon

Mickey Mouse fans and Disney collectors will have a new selection of incredible merchandise to bring home throughout 2022 as shopDisney announces their next continuity line.

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What’s Happening:

  • shopDisney has announced a new continuity line will be coming in 2022, this time themed to Mickey Mouse!
  • Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction is an exciting collection that shopDisney first announced on their Twitter account by sharing a picture of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World with its 50th anniversary decorations.


Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction Series

Mickey Mouse will be getting a fashion makeover inspired by 12 delightful Disney attractions! The series follow the same attraction release schedule as the 2020 Minnie Mouse line so the pair's separate collections match up.

Series 7 – Prince Charming Regal Carousel

Mickey’s dressed in his regal best for this collection that’s inspired by Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. Here, Mickey wears an orange and red stain tunic and embelishes his look with a grey cape and golden crown. The series also features carousel horses, pink sequins, white tassels and shiny gold trim for a dreamy nod to the beloved attraction.

Upcoming Releases

  • Series 5 – Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Series 6 – Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Series 7 – Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  • Series 8 – Dumbo

  • Series 9 – Big Thunder Mountain
  • Series 10 – Haunted Mansion
  • Series 11 – Jungle Cruise
  • Series 12 – Fantasyland Castle

Upcoming Releases

Series 1 – Space Mountain

Join Mickey Mouse as he blasts off to outer space! The Space Mountain Collection showcases Mickey in a stark white suit and a cool purple visor. The matching accessories featured glittery silver accents and shimmery purples to mimic the awesome colors of space.

Series 2 – Pirates of the Caribbean

Mickey Mouse spends some time as a swashbuckler for this next series! The Pirates of the Caribbean Collection features Mickey in a black and gold jacket with a white bandolier as well as a nifty hat decorated with white fur trim. The matching treasured accessories showcase gold filigree against a solid black background for a sleek and stylish look.

Series 3 – Mad Tea Party

We’re all mad here! Celebrate your unbirthday with Mickey at the Mad Tea Party. Our favorite mouse hosts a charming soiree and he’s decked out for the occasion in a purple tuxedo jacket, blue striped slacks and puffy hat. Also sitting atop his head are three teacups that he balances with great precision. Just don’t let him ride the actual attraction.

Series 4 – “it’s a small world”

Coming soon, fans can join Mickey on the happiest cruise to ever set sail. Dressed in a colorful vest and holding a pocket watch, Mickey is ready for a global adventure with the children of the world. Each item in the collection showcases several bright colors on a variety of satiny, glittery and matte leather fabrics.

Series 5 – Enchanted Tiki Room

Mickey is dressed for a tropical tiki room adventure in series 5! He looks quite spiffy in his button down shirt that’s full of cute, brightly colored references to the attraction including tiki gods, flowers, bamboo and Jose the parrot. He wears a straw Bermuda hat to complement his look and the matching Ear Headband has its own hat.

Series 6 – Peter Pan’s Flight

Are you ready to soar? Mickey is off to Neverland and he’s dressed himself in dreamy blues for the occasion. His jacket features a sky pattern and is accented with yellow cuffs and buttons while his blue and white stripe trousers resemble a ship’s sails. Topping off his look is fedora decorated with a large red feather…just like Peter’s!

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