The Future of the Spider-Verse Will Be Revealed in New Marvel Comics Series “Edge of the Spider-Verse”

Announced earlier today at Polygon, fans will return to the Spider-Verse this August in a brand-new “Edge of the Spider-Verse” limited series!

  • Over the course of five issues, “Edge of the Spider-Verse” will introduce brand-new Spider-heroes as well as catch up with classic favorites such as Araña, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man: India!
  • Each thrilling issue will contain three stories packed with debuts, new status quos, and seeds for an overarching saga that will set the stage for “The End of the Spider-Verse,” a new epic launching later this year.
  • Check out designs for three of the new heroes you’ll meet in the series as well as the covers for the first two issues and a variant cover for the third.
  • And don’t miss a single Spider-Verse tale when “Edge of the Spider-Verse” begins this August!

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Dan Slott: “Marvel has decided to do the unthinkable, go big, and bring the saga of the comic book Spider-Verse to a fiery conclusion. Yes, that’s right. Later this year we shall all bear witness to The End of the Spider-Verse!”

ICYMI – More Marvel Comics news:

  • Marvel released four new issues for Free Comic Book Day last weekend! Check out a breakdown of the four titles as well as a fun Donald Duck comic.
  • Continuing her series of one-shots that see Moon Girl battle alongside Miles Morales, the Avengers, and more, Moon Girl will take the fight to the High Evolutionary alongside the X-Men in the grand finale issue, “X-Men & Moon Girl #1.”
  • Coming in August is “Giant-Size Gwen Stacy #1,” an epic one-shot reprinting the first two issues and, for the first time ever, collecting the final three issues!