Houses or Mazes? Halloween Horror Nights Attractions Now Have an Official Term

West coast and east coast fans of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights have often debated on the “correct name” for the event’s special attractions. Are they mazes or are they houses? Well, it seems we may finally have an official answer.

What’s Happening:

  • At Universal Orlando, the term “house” has typically been used, whereas at Universal Studios Hollywood, the term “maze” is more frequently used.
  • John Murdy, Halloween Horror Nights Creative Director, posed a moment of silence to mark the passing of the term “maze,” as they shall henceforth be known as “houses” in Hollywood in the vernacular of Orlando.

  • Murdy even offered up some fun other terms they jokingly considered, such as “Boo Boxes,” “Scare Shanties” and “HorrorHaus’.”

  • So when you visit Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood this year, make sure you refer to your scary experience as a house, not a maze!

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