Conquer the Galaxy with Monopoly: Disney Star Wars Dark Side Edition

Star Wars Celebration is in full swing and Day 2 (Friday May 27th) had no shortage of amazing reveals. During the Hasbro Panel on the Twin Suns Stage the company unveiled a slew of new figures and accessories as well as a new edition of Monopoly inspired by the Dark Side!

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What’s Happening:

  • It was a busy day for the folks at Hasbro as the toy maker showcased an exciting lineup of action figures in their Vintage Collection, Retro Collection, and Black Series lines at Star Wars Celebration.
  • But beyond the new toys, there was the reveal of a special edition of the popular board game Monopoly.
  • This summer, fans can plot total domination of the galaxy with Monopoly: Star Wars Disney Dark Side Edition. Here, classic Monopoly gameplay gets a Star Wars twist inspired by the power of the Dark Side across Star Wars movies and series.
  • Fans will also love the game pieces themed to popular characters such as:
    • Darth Vader
    • Kylo Ren
    • Asaj Ventress
    • The Emperor
    • Darth Maul
    • The Grand Inquisitor
  • Monopoly: Disney Dark Side Edition releases July 1st and will be available at most major retailers.
  • Check back soon for a link to the game!


  • Game includes 6 zinc Monopoly tokens depicting infamous STAR WARS characters
  • Available to purchase 7/1 at most major retailers
  • Ages 8 years & up
  • Approx. Retail Price: $33.99
  • Available: Summer 2022

Game Play:

  • In this Star Wars Dark Side Edition board game for families and kids, players recruit as many infamous villains as they can. The more contracts they have, the more Imperial Credits they can collect.
  • Activate a character's special ability by acquiring the Force Lightning ring, plot against opponents with Dark Side cards, and jump to hyperspace on the board by landing on a Ship space.
  • The last player with Imperial Credits when all other players are bankrupt wins.

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