Dual Bladed Reva Force FX Elite Lightsaber Revealed as New HasLab Project

Star Wars Celebration is in full swing and Day 2 (Friday May 27th) had no shortage of amazing reveals. During the Hasbro Panel on the Twin Suns Stage the company unveiled a slew of new figures and accessories across their Vintage Collection, Retro Collection, Black Series lines and even a HasLab campaign inspired by the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What’s Happening:

  • The new HasLab project is The Black Series’ first integrated double-bladed Force FX Elite Lightsaber. It features duel effects, wall-cut effect, blaster deflect, and comes with a premium stand.

  • With the coordinated attack technology in the hilt and both blades installed, LED animation and effect sequences play out across the entire 6.5 feet lightsaber!

  • This is a crowdfunded project and needs 5,000 backers to go into production. The campaign is live now and will run from May 27th-July 11th at 11:59PM ET.
  • The cost is $500 and fans can order/support up to 5 (five) Lightsabers.
  • Past HasLab projects have included additional pieces or figures as part of “stretch goals” but it’s not clear if they’ll follow that pattern with this project.
  • Should the Lightsaber reach its backing goal and go into production, it’s expected to ship in Fall 2023.
  • Fans can learn more about the Lightsaber and pledge their support by visiting the HasLab project on Hasbro Pulse.

Razor Crest Review and Unboxing:

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