New Super Nintendo World Pins Now Available at Universal Studios Hollywood

Back in April, Universal Studios Hollywood opened a brand new store near the entrance of the park featuring Super Nintendo World merchandise, in promotion of the brand-new area of the park set to open in 2023. Recently, a new line of Mario Kart-themed pins have dropped at the store.

These four pins on one card feature some of the obstacles that get thrown your way in the game. It retails for $19.00.

Then you have three Mario Kart poster pins, featuring Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. They each retail for $14.00.

This fun four pin mini-set is reminiscent of Disney’s Tiny Kingdom pins.

Some character pins.

Finally, you have four pins featuring some of the Mario Kart Winners Cups.

Super Nintendo World and its marquee attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, opens early 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood!