New “Indiana Jones” Action Figures Revealed by Hasbro for First Time since 2008 During Pulse Con 2022

It’s been nearly 15 years since the last Indiana Jones movie, but with the still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 coming out next summer, the popular toy company Hasbro has finally announced some new action figures and cool roleplay items for the smash-hit Lucasfilm franchise that began with Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981.

And speaking of Raiders of the Lost Ark, all of the toys revealed today during Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 are tied in with that film, starting with the “Adventure” series of six-inch action figures (similar to Hasbro’s six-inch The Black Series of Star Wars toys). The two figures that will become available for pre-order first will be Indiana Jones himself and the villainous Major Arnold Toht.

Also coming to the Adventure series are Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, and that first film’s main villain– Indy’s rival archaeologist Renee Belloq.

The five above-listen figures will each come with a piece of the Ark of the Covenant, so collectors can build their own artifact.

During Hasbro Pulse Con we also learned about the Indiana Jones Retro Collection, which will naturally include Indy himself as the first figure in the line, replicating the way the Kenner toy looked way back in the early 80s.

The folks at Hasbro also mentioned an Indiana Jones “Worlds of Adventure” line, which will be targeted at younger children, much like the Star Wars: Mission Fleet. No specific toys were revealed for this line just yet.

Lastly, one life-size roleplay Indiana Jones item was revealed for the Adventure series: the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, which Disney Parks also released this year in realistic metal form. This Hasbro version will be plastic, includes light-up text around the edge of the headpiece, part of the Staff of Ra itself, and a base that replicates part of the Map Room floor.

Pre-order for many of these Indiana Jones items begins at 6:00 Eastern Time today via Select figures are also available from our affiliate partner Entertainment Earth and fans can enjoy free domestic (U.S.) shipping on all PulseCon 2022 orders through October 3rd.

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