Fans Treated To First Official Trailer For “Big City Greens: The Movie” At New York Comic Con

Announced earlier this year, fans were treated to their first glimpse (kind of) of a Big City Greens movie at this year’s New York Comic Con.

What’s Happening:

  • Fans of the #1 series on Disney Channel, Big City Greens, were treated to the first official trailer for the upcoming Big City Greens movie at a special panel for the show at this year’s New York Comic Con.
  • The trailer featured animation from the series that we’ve already seen while promising more of the trademark humor and heart we know and love from the Disney Channel Series, created by siblings Chris and Shane Houghton.
  • Originally influenced by the Houghton’s childhood in the small rural town of St. Johns, Michigan, the series features a rich universe filled with locations and characters inspired by their real-life family members and townsfolk and their experiences upon departing rural farmland for college in big cities, and now the brothers seem to be injecting a “you can’t go home again” kind of idea to the series in the upcoming story arc.

  • Announced earlier this year, Big City Greens has been renewed for a fourth season and the feature-length musical movie in the trailer above. The trailer doesn’t reveal much other than that a movie is coming sometime in the coming years (and will be longer than a regular episode of the show).
  • When it was originally announced, the film was highly touted as a feature for Disney+, but the trailer released today at NYCC does not specify where the movie will debut.
  • The show, currently in its third season, has brought a big change for the optimistic mischief-maker Cricket Green, who moved from the country to the big city with his wildly out of place family: hard-working father Bill, sweet-and-sour Gramma Alice and quirky older sister Tilly, who later in season three will participate in a rite of passage event, one that’s uniquely Green style.
  • There isn’t much more to say about the trailer because, you know…the lawyers…but you can find out more about the series and what’s ahead in our interview with Chris and Shane Houghton here. 
  • You can catch up with Big City Greens now on Disney+.

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