Save Up to 50% on the Star Wars Home Collection by Sobel Westex Throughout May 2023

The Star Wars Day sales are rolling in and this week several retailers are celebrating the fan created holiday by offering discounts on their themed merchandise and collectibles. Sobel Westex is getting in on the fun by hosting a sale on their Star Wars Home collection with savings up to 50% off!

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What’s Happening: 

  • Sobel Westex is helpling Star Wars fans turn their homes into galactic retreats with luxury bedding, pillows, throws, towels and sheets inspired by the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

  • Sobel Westex’s annual Star Wars event applies to their existing lineup of bedding and bath products along with the newly launched Antithesis Pillow that will bring balance to your sleep cycle.
Antithesis Pillow

Antithesis Pillow

Star Wars packaging

Star Wars packaging

  • Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! From May 1-31, guests can save up to 50% on the Star Wars Home Collection by Sobel Westex when they use the promo code STARWARS0523 at checkout.
  • Original prices range from $99-$299 and links to individual items can be found below.

30% Off Star Wars Home Collection

Save 30% on Star Wars essentials from Sobel Westex including the Antithesis Pillow, all Bedding Collections, and the Galaxy Chunky Knit Throw.

The Dark Side Collection – Step Into a Galaxy of Inspiration

The Dark Side collection pits dark against light, sheer against opaque, and matte versus shine – translating into a study of shadowy contrasts. Subtle patterns are inspired by Darth Vader’s armor and the interior architectural details in the imposing Death Star space station.

The Astromech Collection – A Loyal Companion

The ever-faithful, unwaveringly loyal R2-D2 is a feisty Astromech droid of surprising determination and resourcefulness. Artoo’s cylindrical body, equipped with multiple instruments and sensors, inspired the dynamic, geometric-inspired patterns in shades of blue layered with the textured look reminiscent of computer screen static.

The Tatooine Collection – A Desert Escape

Pulling from the worn desert environment of Tatooine, we find bleached out colors and the texture of natural surfaces – Luke Skywalker’s home – where the twin suns radiate with the glow of warm terracotta and the blush shades of dusk-like brush strokes sweep across the sky.

The Jedi Collection – Finding Balance

Linen wrappings and the simplistic kimono style tunic of a Jedi’s robes translate into a contemporary craft feel for this lifestyle collection. Shades of sun-bleached ivory brighten a soothing palette of natural tan and stone in tune with the Jedi’s powerful, yet meditative tranquil state.

Galaxy Chunky Knit Throw – A Safe Place To Rest

The oversized Galaxy Chunky Knit Throw, which could be found in homesteads across the galaxy, is ultra-soft and coordinates with all of the Star Wars bedding collections and any home decor, with its neutral and navy colorways inspired by different Star Wars moments. Hand-knitted, 50″ x 60″ super sumptuous throw, the design is inspired by Princess Leia’s iconic braids.

50% Off Star Wars Home Collection

Not in need of a new bedding set? That’s okay! Save 50% on accessories like Decorative Pillows, Ancient Jedi Text Towels, and the 4-Piece Classic Sheet Set Collection.

2 Pack Decorative Pillows

The one-of-a-kind decorative pillow collections are perfect for bringing home the elements of the Star Wars universe and can be added to your favorite sofas or reading chairs.

Ancient Jedi Text Towels – Inspired by Aurebesh

This beautiful towel design is inspired by Aurebesh, the Star Wars alphabet which was used in ancient Jedi texts. In both design and quality, this sculpted bath towel is unlike any in the galaxy. It has a luxurious loft and is super soft and absorbent.

The 4-Piece Classic Sheet Set Collection

With a total of 8 colors in the set, you can create the look that best suits your character. Shades range from the dark shadowy feel of the Dark Side, to the fresh hopeful blue hues of the Astromech collection. Also included is the light meditative palette of linen and ivory inspired by the Jedi code as well as the soft tinted shades of blush and terracotta of dusty Tatooine.

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